Communication and Empathy

Communication and Empathy

Learn the Secrets of Great Communication and Empathy

Can you see yourself as:

  • Inspired and inspiring.
  • Influential,
  • Connected to a trusted and trusting team who support you,
  • Able to exercise power to lead successfully?

It’s all within your reach.  Simply take that important step by making the commitment to yourself and getting the tools and support to do it NOW.  There’s no reason to wait.  It’s all within your reach.

Discover during this eiSecrets webinar:

Communication and empathy are core emotional intelligence competencies that are crucial for building trust, teamwork, commitment and more.  These competencies must be mastered by leaders to achieve star performance.  Attend this webinar to get tools that you can immediately apply.  Learn:

  • How leaders fail to do the basics with their people,
  • What research tell us about the value of communication and empathy,
  • The  4 steps for building empathy,
  • How to use the Empathy audit,
  • The 5 steps to create buy and shared conclusions,
  • How to use the VIVID tool with our boss.

As a leader, the daily pressures can mount up quickly, and it’s crucial that your team doesn’t feel your own stress. So how do you manage it without losing it?

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