Lock in Your Leadership Focus with our Focus for Top Performance.

A series of 20 videos and supporting tools step you through increasing your daily focus and getting you off of “automatic.” Studies show that we are distracted every 3 minutes which quickly leads to overwhelm and poor decisions.

By developing focus and developing a greater awareness of self and others, we break the habit of operating on automatic throughout the day. Instead, we are conscious and in-focus from moment to moment, mentally available and clear.

With over 5 hours of training plus 15 hands-on tools, you lower stress, improve awareness and build your good decision making. Share the tools with your team and direct reports to build team performance and your overall success.

Plus you get 3 bonus webinars including SOARR and Leading with Emotional Intelligence, FREE when you buy eiFocus now. You get a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy and let us know within 30-days, we will refund your money. No questions asked.

Discover during the webinar Leading with Emotional Intelligence:

  • Why you and your team can outperform others with emotional intelligence (ei).
  • How your foucs is your secret key to success.
  • What brain neuroscience says about us being lazy thinkers.
  • How being on automatic impairs your decisions-making.
  • Why our focus is under seige.
  • How to use small, daily steps to improve your Emotional Intelligence (EI).

Some of the specific techniques we teach in the series of 20 videos:

  • Identify the 7 leadership errors and how to avoid them.
  • What 5 things to do and not do when you under the spotlight
  • What 3 main things your followers want from you.
  • How to establish a practice to be more in charge of your life and decisions.
  • What your top performers want and need to stay in your organization.
  • How to communicate by filling the “white space.”

Don’t miss your opportunity to grow your leadership into top performance and focus. Get the guidance, resources and tools to support leadership development for you and your team. Be a hero for your organization, and notify your HR of these valuable resources. We customize online programs to satisfy your organizational development (OD) and keep it highly cost-effective.

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