Learn the code for Top Performance with eiSecrets

Here’s what you’ll get with eiSecrets:

  • My Focus for Top Performance, a series of 20, 15-minute videos with supporting homework and practice tools, to grow the all-important skill of focus in your life!
  • My library of 20 leadership webinars, each an hour long with support materials and covering the core emotional intelligence (ei) competencies for developing star performance. These are great to share with your team! See the subjects of each listed below.
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence introductory webinar to give you the foundation for the what, why and how of emotional intelligence,
  • Leadership profiles to help you identify the secrets of great leaders and understand their skills as well as the obstacles that derailed them. See the chart below for a list of resources for you to use and participate in each month.

Wouldn’t you like to know the few things you can do more of to be in the top 10%? Would you like to be:

  • Inspired and inspiring,
  • Influential,
  • Connected to a trusted and trusting team who support you,
  • Able to exercise power to lead successfully?

This provides comprehensive ei leadership curriculum, a one-of-a-kind program where you learn the competitive edge for work and balance for home. Learn with your team for one price for one computer, no travel or delays. This is the new, economical way to bring learning and leadership development to your organization. You can also get your people certified in Leading with Emotional Intelligence.

Grow and Integrate Emotional Intelligence (ei) to Become a Star Leader.

The first 3 webinars focus is on self-awareness, then the next 3 on self-management, knowing your strengths and weaknesses and how to leverage each for optimal performance. All of the Emotional Intelligence research and common sense states to start with yourself.

Then the next 6 cover understanding others and managing others, each focusing on core competencies to develop and master on a daily basis. By the end of the eiSecret courses of leadership development, you’ll have the insight and skills to be a star leader and performer.

With eiSecrets, you also get access to eiCentral and our eiFocus resources. This includes my proprietary eiStar ProfileDerailer Detector. You’ll develop an Action Plan that integrates and identifies 2 to 3 areas that you want to “dial up” or “dial down.”

Here are the webinar topics you get in the eiSecrets library:

  1. The Secret Power of Self-Awareness
  2. The Secret to Self-Control and Decision Making
  3. The Secret to Confidence and Executive Presence
  4. The Secret to Self-Confidence and Executive Presence
  5. The Secrets Great Leaders Know to Motivate Talent to Star Performance
  6. The Secret to Building Cohesive and High Performing Teams
  7. The Secrets Behind Inspirational Leadership and Influence
  8. The Secret to Better Resilience and Less Brain Drain
  9. The Secret to Change Leadership
  10. Answering Your Questions
  11. Willpower, Wants, and Wisdom: How to Get it and Keep it
  12. Secrets of Great Communication and Empathy
  13. The Simple Steps to Raise Emotional Intelligence
  14. The Simple Steps to Raise Emotional Intelligence – Part 2
  15. Stinkin Thinkin: Awareness, Patterns, and Errors
  16. Overwhelm: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions
  17. Get What You Want: Managing Moments to Make Effective Choices
  18. Am I Getting in My Own Way?
  19. What Do I Do Now!?
  20. Burned Out or Fired Up: How to Embrace Stress for Success

Each webinar gives you action-oriented, “how to” strategies that are the proven “secrets” to high performance. Remember, if you “stay on automatic you stay average.” This webinar series gives you the micro-initiatives to have a macro-impact in your life, at work, and with your team.

You will have each webinar to focus on your personal development and to share with your team. Each webinar comes with a leaders guide so you can facilitate exercises, discussions, and learnings with your team,

Discover during the eiSecrets webinars:

  • What strengths are best for you to build and broaden.
  • What is the quickest way to derail and how to prevent it.
  • What your key emotional patterns are.
  • How your self-control is an engine for success
  • What your top triggers are that can trip you up.
  • The 5 questions that can get you off responding automatically.
  • How to be more aware.
  • The 3 steps to change habits.
  • What are the values that guide you?
  • How to build your confidence and quit being “on your case.”
  • The 3 steps to being predictable and trustworthy.
  • What your success rules are and who is running you.
  • Your decision style and how to be more decisive.
  • Are your gut decisions valuable?
  • How to bust the perfection loop.
  • And much more…

Each webinar, a new focus on an ei competency expands our ability to be more aware and grows our skill set to manage yourself and others while increasing our performance and that of our team. We encourage you to share the recordings of the webinars in group meetings with your team and use the tools with your team. Start right now to enter the arena where leaders grow their own and their team’s star performance.

The entire library may also be licensed for usage by everyone in your company. Contact us at [email protected] to ask about Corporate licensing and more info on customizing eiSecrets for you.

Learn the code for top performance and share it with your team. Monthly webinars covering each ei competency plus membership for all our leadership resources.

30 days free, then $97.00 / month