eiSecrets Triple Play: Managing Others

eiSecrets Triple Play: Managing Others

The Three Big Secrets to Managing Others.

Wouldn’t you like to know the few things you can do more of in order for you and your team to be in the top 10%? Continue the comprehensive ei leadership curriculum, eiSecrets, a one-of-a-kind program where you get the competitive edge for work and balance for home.

Learn with your team for one price for one computer, no travel or delays. This is the new, economical way to bring learning and leadership development to your organization. Share this with your team so they, too, grow their leadership skills and take you into top performance as a leading team. Because each purchase is available on one computer, you may license via your company to get access across multiple computers for these valuable team training webinars.  Each webinar has a facilitator’s guide to maximize learning.

Choose the Triple Play to get all 3 webinars together, and save money.

#1: The Secrets Great Leaders Know to Motivate Talent to Star Performance.

Your influence is magnified when you focus on developing more leaders in your organization. This can be challenging when you have your own tasks and so little time. In this webinar you will earn the short cuts and best practices to maximize your time and reach.


  • What your followers really want from you.
  • How to inspire your next great leaders and grow them exponentially.
  • How to create the atmosphere for great communication and positive results./li>
  • The performance sequence to greatness.
  • The Feedback Steps that motivate and inspire.
  • The Ask and Drain coaching methodology.
  • The secret to engagement and star performance.

#2: The Secret to Building Cohesive and High Performing Teams


  • Why teamwork is an unnatural act and what to do about it.
  • How to change a meeting menace into a meeting master.
  • How to stop wasting time in meetings and transmute them into productive time.
  • The attitude that wins the room and gets results.
  • What are the four “must have” meetings to be a best boss.
  • How to develop social awareness and social responsibility.

#3: The Secret to Inspirational Leadership and Influence


  • What followers really want from their leaders,
  • How to master hands-off management,
  • The Leadership Two Step to maximize focus and energy,
  • Three crucial steps to building trust and credibility,/li>
  • The key components to influence and power,
  • How to keep things positive even when faced with failure,
  • How to build enthusiastic followers who become leaders.

Managing Others is core to becoming a great leader. Choose this package of all 3 with the Triple Play Others.

Each month, as a member of eiSecrets, a new focus on an ei competency expands our ability to be more aware and grows our skill set to lead. Click here to join eiSecrets to get all of the above plus monthly webinars building your star performance. We encourage you to share the recordings of the webinars in group meetings with your team, and use the tools with your team. Start right now to enter the arena where leaders grow their own and their team’s star performance.

Managing others involves 6 key competencies where executives often request support. Pick among 3 Managing Others webinars or choose the Triple Play to establish your foundation for star performance.

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