Emotional Brilliance – Tools for Mastery

Dr. Relly Nadler: In this show, we are focusing on our upcoming book, Emotional Brilliance. We are going to be focusing on what top performers do in the moment, to be a top performer. What is it that they really do? What is some of the background, what are some of the strategies that they use? What kind of emotions do they experience in the moment? How do they gear themselves up for top performance? How can we get a better understanding of our emotions? What makes up an emotional brilliance performance? What emotions are most challenging for people that we are going to interview, and today it will be Cathy and I. We’ll be talking about some of those issues for ourselves.

Then, how do people manage their emotions? What strategies, what hacks, what can we learn from them?

Today we are going into what we have been researching and writing, Emotional Brilliance: How to Live a Fearless Life. We are going to look at some of the tools for mastery.

Dr. Cathy Greenberg: Today we are going to give them a lot of good detail on tools for mastery. I’m very excited to share all of what we have because as you and I both know, we are going to be engaging in some things like a lot of feelings. Having that moment of mastery and understanding that feelings aren’t biodegradable. We are going to use one of the new nomenclatures for that, and that’s the “NAME” process for feelings.

These are just strategies for leaders in the corporate environment or individuals on the battlefield or on a boardroom type environment, this is for anybody who is also managing their home front, managing in their communities, helping to raise future generations of leaders.

Dr. Cathy Greenberg: We are so excited to talk about emotional intelligence. Where do you want to start?

Dr. Relly Nadler: Well, let’s talk about a little bit about emotional brilliance. This is the working definition. For our listeners, we are in the process of researching it. If you haven’t written a book before, it takes a while but the depth of the information and then synthesizing it is such a great process. I am really happy, Cathy, for you and I to do this together.

When we talk about emotional brilliance, a lot of this is looking at both of us having expertise in emotional intelligence. As we are looking at emotional intelligence, there’s a variety of emotional intelligence assessments that we want to let you know about in our book. We are both certified in the Emotional Quotient Inventory and some other EI inventories.

Ideally, our goal is to help you to expand, improve, and select, the best emotional competencies strengths to master the moment. So once you have a wide variety of what your strengths are, how do you pick the best ones, in the moment, that will best serve you.

One of the things that we are thinking about in this vision, is if you think about emotional intelligence as a target, and it’s got a variety of great competencies and you can measure yourself; the bullseye is emotional brilliance.

Of those, which ones to do leverage, which ones do you draw in the moment, so that in the moment, depending on the situation, you can be your best you. You can make the best decisions. You can make the best judgments. What comes out of your mouth is the best communication.

That’s really the focus of the book. Cathy, do you want to say some more about that before we actually get into some of the specifics?

Dr. Cathy Greenberg: Well, I think, to me, it’s important for the audience to know that you have been practicing this and you are a lot more emotionally brilliant than I am.

Dr. Relly Nadler: I don’t know about that…

Dr. Cathy Greenberg: Our audience can just envision this with us. As I said before, whether you are a warrior in the boardroom, on the battlefield, or on the home front, that whole deal of the target, that whole if you can visualize it, your whole target, the goal, is emotional intelligence. When you are really being emotionally brilliant you are in that sweet spot, that inner circle, called the bullseye. Anybody can learn this, and I am proof.

I was raised a glass half empty. I learned how to be a glass half full, and I worked very, very, hard over the last 13 years with the help of an expert who is now my co-host, to embody a lot of this thinking and engage it in a way that is incredibly powerful so that when I am in that moment, whether it’s going through TSA, as we all do when we travel, or running late for that plane, or that train, or that meeting, as we all do, it’s just life. But, learning, how to master that moment and being in that sweet spot, that emotionally brilliant bullseye—that’s what we are going to talk about today.

Dr. Relly Nadler: Cathy and I are really excited to talk about our new book. We have had this on some shows in the past and it’s gotten really good feedback about it. One, we’ll talk about it, and two, hopefully, it gets you in the audience interested in what will be forthcoming, and three, any kind of information that we can give you that you can immediately apply.

We were talking about the bullseye. Another way of saying that is depending on the situation and what is your go-to strength? What is your go-to competencies? Can you, in the moment, can you bring those to the forefront and utilize those. It’s somewhat looking at positive psychology, emotional intelligence, evidence-based strengths, and how, in the moment, can you draw from that collection.

Listen to the entire interview, above.


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