Keys to Raising Emotional Intelligence

Keys to Raising Emotional Intelligence

eiSecrets Webinar Series: The Keys to Raising Emotional Intelligence (Bundle of Two Webinars)

Do you have the prescription and best practices to raise your vital EI competencies? You can very easily get them.

Get both webinars covering Your Simple Steps to Raise Emotional Intelligence in which your learn our Leadership Keys. We cover the basic tools that all great managers, executives and coaches use to be the best and to bring out the best in their next level leaders and teams. Each tool highlights an Emotional Intelligence competency.

You will learn:

  • How to use the Leadership Two Step to enhance the Leadership and Initiative competency,
  • The five steps of the Delegation Tool to improve Develop Others competency,
  • A five step Feedback model to accelerate the Communication and Teamwork competencies,
  • A five step Coaching for Performance tool to help direct reports really think versus taking short cuts by just asking the leader,
  • How to improve communication and decision making using my Assumption Ladder,
  • How to use the Emotional Audit, a set of 5 questions that activate the frontal cortex when asked to yourself,
  • Get a tool for identifying the level of involvement, Tell, Sell, Test,
  • Managing up and partnering questions,
  • Using White Space as a communication tool.

These Keys to leadership, when practiced daily, will accelerate your leadership growth. Get them today and be prepared to advance as a leader in front of others.

A bundle of two webinars: Get Your Simple Steps to Raise Emotional Intelligence in which we cover our Leadership Keys giving you proven leadership tips to have at your fingertips.

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