Barack Obama: Leadership Competencies that Propelled his Second Term

Time Magazine’s Person of the Year for 2012


Named recently as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year for 2012, President Obama won a hard fight for a second term as our 44th President. Leadership experts Dr. Greenberg and Dr. Nadler will unpack the leadership components as President Obama is more than just a political figure, he is a cultural one. Time stated that “he is the 21st Century version of the new American.” The foundation of his personality and appeal is Emotional Intelligence. Drs. Greenberg and Nadler will highlight these leadership competencies.

Here are some questions that they will cover:

  • There are so many different kinds of American’s; what did Obama do to appeal to so many of them?
  • What EI competencies did he use?
  • What are the lessons you can learn and use from his Fearless
  • During his campaign, what derailers were present?
  • What are the main aspects of good decision making?
  • How does President Obama manage his emotions:
  • President Obama has another four years in the White House;
    what can we expect?

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