Leadership Keys Desk System

Leadership Keys Desk System

Get the Keys to Top Leadership and Team Performance.

Get the entire Leadership Keys System to learn with your team and achieve top leadership performance together. This is the new, economical way to bring learning and leadership development to your organization and your coaching clients. You can also get your people certified in Leading with Emotional Intelligence. Get EQi Certified.


  • Why you and your team can outperform others with emotional intelligence (ei).
  • How to use small, daily steps to improve your Emotional Intelligence (EI).
  • The right steps to take each day to grow your and your team or client’s leadership skills.

Here’s what you get with your Leadership Keys System:

  1. 5 sets of physical Leadership Keys to keep in your desk or in your briefcase,
  2. A DVD containing 10 videos stepping you through each Key, when and how to use it,
  3. The Leadership Field Guide, a workbook full of tips and practices to grow your mastery of the Keys,
  4. The Leadership Field Guide 2-CD set for listening on the way to work or with your team during a training session.

Buy Today and Get These Bonuses:

  • My top 10 secrets for hiring the rght person in the right job.
  • My special “audio PDF” of Daniel Goleman’s The Hidden Driver of Excellence
  • My Emotional Audit to help you understand and use your strengths to master leadership.

Get the whole Keys System to step you through daily leadership skills: 5 sets of Keys to keep in your desk, briefcase and to share with the team, the Field Guide workbook, 2 CDS plus a DVD with 10-videos.

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