Emotional Audit: Overwhelm

Emotional Audit: Overwhelm

eiSecrets Webinar: Overwhelm – Causes, Consequences and Solutions

Most of us operate daily on overwhelm.  We feel overworked, over-scheduled, over-committed and “crazy busy.”  As a result, we under-perform and feel under-satisfied.

Part 2 in the Emotional Audit webinar series dives into the question “What am I feeling?”  Leave behind crazy busy, and join Relly Nadler, PsyD and Master Certified Coach (MCC), to manage your emotions and reduce overwhelm and stress.

  • Stressed emotions affect your decision making and relationships.
  • Identify your emotional style.
  • Check out which emotions are most present for you.
  • Determine which ones are most beneficial and
  • Which ones are sneaky and tear you down.
  • Find out how to manage these emotions so they don’t manage you.

Be more fluent and effective in your emotions.

Most of us operate daily on overwhelm. What are the key questions that can minimize your chaos so you can be your best?

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