Emotional Audit: Stinkin Thinkin

Emotional Audit: Stinkin Thinkin

eiSecrets Webinar: Stinkin Thinkin – Awareness, Patterns and Errors

Most of us operate daily on overwhelm.  We feel overworked, over-scheduled and over-committed.  As a result, we’re overstressed; we under-perform and feel under-satisfied.

  • What if, in 20 seconds, you could have more peace, direction and focus?
  • What if you could ask 5 simple questions to bring back your IQ points and lower the overwhelm?
  • What if you could make quick adjustments to your actions to respond with greater Emotional Intelligence?
  • What if you had a “go to” tool to get you off automatic and onto excellence?

What are the key questions that can minimize your chaos so you can be your best leader?    How do you achieve control so you can do your best thinking?

We take a deeper dive into the Emotional Audit which is one of my most popular tools I have used with thousands of leaders over the last 15 years. It brings the best of neuroscience and mindfulness together that can help all of us be more:

  • Thoughtful
  • Focused
  • Deliberate
  • Conscious
  • Empowering
  • Clear

Become more aware of your patterns and which are working and which are getting in your way to being your best. Each of the five questions will be explored in detail and depth so you will come away with more choices and better decisions and leadership.

We cover the basic tools that all great managers, executives and coaches use to be the best and to bring out the best in their next level leaders and teams. Each tool highlights an Emotional Intelligence competency.

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