“I gained Insight into myself, more reflection and self-control, better able to handle difficult people. Understanding how I act affects my team more than I thought.”

“This was the best training and tools for management upwards and down that I have experienced.”

“Although I dreaded coming initially (because I don’t like these things) I was pleasantly surprised in how much useful information I walked away with. I like the straight forward, casual, fun approach.”

“I liked the ‘hands on’ examples, which served several purposes — from identifying management challenges, to creating a peer group that we can rely upon for support on such topics.”

“I came out with constructive and specific tools to help manage others to reach their full potential.”

“I improved my leadership, patience and self-confidence. It was inspiring and motivational.”

“I gained more self-awareness and a focus on understanding the attributes of my subordinates, superiors and co-workers. It was enlightening and humbling.”

Recent client programs have averaged 9.5 ratings (on a 10-point scale) based on participants

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