Dr. Relly Nadler is continually on the cutting edge when it comes to leadership development. His innovative ideas and unique tools are the reason our localized leadership development efforts have been so successful year after year.”
Lynda Hollen, Director of Employee Development, Wholesale Operations,
Anheuser-Busch, Inc. St Louis , MO

Dr. Nadler has been instrumental in developing over 100 of our leaders to be Stars. His approach integrates experiential learning, expanding on strengths and talent and developing a team environment. We have seen a stronger company culture and bottom line results. His leadership programs are integral to our succession planning.”
Sherrell Reefer, Director of HR, Pacific Capital Bank / Union Bank, Santa Barbara, CA

“This has been a wonderful training opportunity. Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday, but it will be sad to note that this is our last session. I just wanted to be sure to thank you, as I truly am walking away with a more insight about myself and the other leaders I work with.”
Shelia Cenicola, Vice President, First National Bank, Monterey, California

“Dr. Relly Nadler has assisted us in our efforts to develop bench strength within our organization. With his help, we have increased our emotional intelligence and improved the overall climate. Relly and his team continue to be a flexible resource that enables us to expand our Human Resource
Jennifer Puleo, Chief Human Resources Officer, Shield Healthcare, Inc., Valencia, CA

“I thought you did a magnificent job in leading a diverse group through a difficult subject. In my 50+ business years I have been to many of these, motivational, educational, etc. meetings, and would rate you at the top of the list. I love your ‘experiences’.”
John Masterson

“Of all the corporate sponsored training, seminars, workshops etc…I’ve attended over the years I have never experienced one like this one.  It has benefited me personally as well as professionally.  Relly really has designed a program that addresses the human condition in a professional/leadership capacity in a meaningful and useful way. Relly’s program really made a difference in the way I view others, hold others, think about others, in my mind as I interact with them.  The value of any training is the endurance of inspiration and motivation to change and grow that lives on beyond the training session.”
Grace Boyette, Senior Vice President, PCB

“Of all that we covered, I want to reiterate what a profound impact the Emotional Audit strategy has had on my actions. With all that is going on in the world, everyone is expected to more, better and faster than ever. This obviously can make for some challenging emotional situations, to say the least.”
Mark F. Solomon, Director Global Channel Sales
Vitesse Semiconductor   www.vitesse.com

“I just wanted to tell you that the staff is still talking about how much they enjoyed the day.  You have a real way with people and because of your sensitivity and your ability to create a safe and trusting environment for this particular group. … You have brought back the sunshine and along with that a renewed vigor to do what is right for each other.”
Dr. Colleen Robertson, Somis, CA

“One tool I utilize on a continuous basis is the feedback model.  My training in the past has prepared me to present negative feedback but this tool is especially effective at providing positive feedback.  The results have been outstanding. My team is cohesive and dedicated to a common goal. This morning at our weekly meeting the compliments came unsolicited for a variety of sources, the environment is more upbeat and definitely more productive.”
Maura Flanary, Manager, Shield Healthcare

“Relly is an intuitive, extremely smart and highly supportive executive coach. He brings deep insight and knowledge on emotional intelligence concepts, leadership, mindfulness and positive intentions both at work and in personal life situations. On top of all his knowledge and credentials, he is such a delight to work with!”
Liza Sichon, MA

“I just wanted to take a moment of your time to tell you how much I truly appreciate your brilliant insights! The contributions that you have made to my training have been extremely useful and I am very grateful. I particularly liked the MI=MI micro-initiatives information out of the chapter of your book regarding taking a few seconds here and there. … That is super powerful and I need to do more of that myself. It really makes people feel good and doesn’t cost a penny!
I hope you don’t mind that I shared those snippets with a few people. I did credit you, however.”
John Peggau, Ph.D.

“I want to express how much I appreciated your classes. The content that you shared in class has proven to be so relevant and timely. I shared the Emotional Audit tool with two clients.I followed the introduction to the resource with having them talk through a recent event when their emotions were triggered. By having them walk through the five questions they recognized the effectiveness of the tool. Thank you for teaching and mentoring!”
Stan Dueck, MA

“I find that you tend to take theory and move it to application in a very effective manner.   That approach and integration is very appealing to my style of learning. So always a pleasure to learn from you.”
Jag Soni, M.S., Ph.D.2

“I have been traveling from one side of the state to another state.  Last week I was on a flight from Ontario to Phoenix.  I was reading your field guide book.  A person sat down and started asking me questions about it and what I do.  On the return flight, a woman sat down and asked me if your book was any good.  Then over the weekend I was reading it again on a flight to Sacramento and a man asked me what I did for a living.  But that is not all….on the return trip to Ontario a similar thing happened.  I have since concluded that I should keep your book open as I travel around the country in order to attract clients.”
Don Booz, Ph.D.

“I decided to begin a “toolbox” file incorporating materials actually a consolidation of some material and addition of new tools, most notably Relly’s material. The EI Star Profile, Star Action Plan and the Derailer. These are 3 of my favorite tools. I also find the Assumption ladder to be really easy to use with personal coaching clients. Dr. Nadler ‘s classes and courses are outstanding and he is extremely supportive of all students’ views, perspectives and professional background.  He is known to many of us as ” CEC’s Treasure”!
Joyce Bradley, MA

“Overall I appreciate the emphasis on small, micro steps and changes that can maximize outcomes. This approach yields more in my opinion as well as being far more self-motivating vs. trying to assimilate too big a chunk of information.”
Jeff Kelton · Case Western Reserve University For EI Focus

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