Confidence Strategy – Busting the Perfection Loop and Procrastination’s Seduction

In the last blog I described the perfection loop that we can easily fall prey to without realizing this “failure set up” pattern. In this blog I will explain the loop more and how to bust it. This is another excerpt on one of the 108 strategies in my Leading with Emotional Intelligence: Strategies for […]

Confidence Strategy: Perfection Loop Quicksand

In continuing our focus on hands-on tools to raise your Confidence, below is another of the 108 strategies adapted from Leading with Emotional Intelligence. Success-driven people always set goals for themselves, but often these goals set them up for failure or frustration. Why? Because the goals are unrealistic to start with and constitute a pattern […]

Self-Confidence Competency – Tools & Strategies

Excerpt from Leading with Emotional Intelligence: Strategies for Building Confident and Collaborative Star Performers (2011), Chapter Three, by Relly Nadler Confidence is the fuel that ignites other actions. This section provides the tools and strategies to help you become a Star Performer in the area of confidence. Self-Confidence is a building block for success throughout […]