Teambuilding Programs

Dr. Relly Nadler has been providing comprehensive teambuilding services for over 25 years.

Relly creates and designs unique team building program services for senior teams, intact teams, cross-functional teams, and product teams.

All our team building programs and exercises are custom tailored to deliver the highest possible results.

The goal of our programs is developed with the meeting sponsor and the consultant in order to meet the client’s specific objectives.

Our Team Building Programs include following activities

  • Meeting facilitation: Driving your agenda and integrating your meeting theme with leadership topics and experiential learning to vitalize the meeting.
  • Ropes Course activities and events.
  • Leadership Skills Assessment:
  • Leadership Topics:
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Star Teams
    • Team Guidelines
    • Coaching Others for Success
    • Vision and values
    • Communication
    • Decision-Making Skills

Case Study on Team Building Ideas and Activities:

One Example of How a Team Building Program Creates Organizational Success

A financial company was switching leaders between two departments. As a result of that, there were transition issues, demanding goals, inefficient processes, long hours and competition which were all creating poor performance and low morale in these two groups.

The following strategies were used to build the Emotional Intelligence within the groups, and as a result, function better as inter-related teams.

* Individual coaching with each leader
* Group coaching with the two leaders
* Four facilitated team sessions with their combined teams
* Leadership Skills Assessment focusing on Inventory of Leadership Styles (ILS) and the Organizational Climate

Survey (OCS): pre-assessment and post-assessment over a four-month time period.

The teams identified various changes in workflow patterns which made their loan process more streamlined and customer-focused. In addition, the leaders were able to speak about issues that had previously been unclear.

The leaders became approachable, vulnerable, empathic and caring as to what their teams were experiencing. As a result, the team members felt heard, honored, supported and outperformed their forecast for the quarter.

Leadership Changes  Leader 1  Leader 2 
Visionary +27%
Participative +35%
Pacesetting (Negative leadership quality)


Climate Changes  Both leaders affect on climate 
Autonomy  +22%
Performance Rewards satisfaction
Mission and Direction clarity
Team cooperation

Available Programs

Full day: “Team Formation

  • AM Team expectations, team assessment, goals, and actions – indoors
  • PM Experiential learning and low ropes course – outdoors

Full day: “Type and Teams

  • AM Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, team strengths, blind spots, goals, and actions – indoors
  • PM Experiential learning and low ropes course – outdoors

Full day: “Star Teams

  • AM Emotional Intelligence: Developing Star Performers and Star teams, presentation, assessments and actions
  • PM Experiential learning and low ropes course – outdoors

Full day: “Team Edgework

  • Experiential learning, low and high ropes course – outdoors, 20 minutes from Santa Barbara


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