Top Questions for Leadership Today

  1. What is Emotional Intelligence and why is it so important?
  2. What is the gap in emotional intelligence?
  3. What is “brain drain” and “brain gain?”
  4. What are the top problems for leaders today?
  5. What are some emotional intelligence examples from famous business leaders and politicians?
  6. Why don’t most managers and leaders already know how to lead?
  7. What are micro-initiatives, and why are they important?
  8. What are EI competencies?
  9. How are some bosses debilitating, and what are the costs?
  10. What is a derailer?
  11. Who are examples of leaders who derailed?
  12. Why is focusing on strengths, instead of weaknesses, so important in developing leaders?
  13. What is “the neglected checklist?”
  14. What are some EI secrets to improve confidence?
  15. What does “being on your case” vs “on your side” mean?
  16. What are some EI secrets to improve teamwork and collaboration?
  17. What is “Snapshot Management?”
  18. What are some of the best practices in meeting management?
  19. What are some EI secrets to developing others?
  20. What is the best practice for delegating?
  21. What are some EI secrets to improve communication and empathy?
  22. What is the “Intention Interpretation Gap?”
  23. What are “White Space issues?”
  24. What are 6 top ways to become a star using emotional intelligence?

What is Happening With Today’s Leadership?

  1. How is the fact that Baby Boomers are retiring affecting the leadership climate overall?
  2. Why do Generations X and Y have lower Emotional Intelligence scores?
  3. What can be done to improve our leadership problems today?
  4. How does our economic recession and loss of jobs interplay with the fact that there’s a growing shortage of workers due to retirement?
  5. What is leadership bench strength?
  6. Why is top 10% performance important to business today?
  7. How did leaders get where they are without knowing how to lead and inspire team performance?
  8. What exactly is emotional intelligence?
  9. What makes a leader who consciously uses emotional intelligence skills different from most other leaders?
  10. Give us some examples of well-known leaders and what you believe their emotional intelligence scores to be.