Emotional Brilliance: Living a Stress Less, Fear Less Life

Emotional Brilliance: Living a Stress Less, Fear Less Life

Discover How to Become Emotionally Brilliant During the World’s Most Turbulent Time!

Emotional Brilliance™ is your most powerful tool to create and maintain your healthy internal balance. It is the foundation for ALL your external success in both your professional and personal life. World-renowned leadership experts and bestselling authors, Dr. Cathy Greenberg and Dr. Relly Nadler have joined forces during this world crisis to provide the road map to guide you on your journey through uncertain times. This highly acclaimed new book delivers valuable bonuses from the authors and proven methods to: 

Prepare you to win bigger than ever before.

  • Transform your anger, fear, and sadness into the powerful energy needed to succeed.
  • Show your feelings in a way that allows rich and rewarding relationships.
  • Notice your feelings to steer your way through troubled times.
  • Embrace your feelings to make them your friends.
  • Accept your feelings to experience a calm and peaceful life.
  • Manage your feelings to be your best yet more effective.
  • Express your feelings to be heard, respected, and admired.
  • Model lives of Ordinary people who have lived extraordinary lives.

Apply Emotional Brilliance™ in the workplace to vastly improve performance, decision-making, employee retention, successful negotiations, conflict resolution, group dynamics and dependable leadership. 

Emotional Brilliance™ is your personal field guide to help you quickly establish habits to realize your best self during local or worldwide crisis and for your entire life.

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