Leadership Keys Field Guide

Leadership Keys Field Guide

Emotional Intelligence Toos for Great Leadership

Leadership Keys is a desk reference of easy to use tools, skills, and actions designed to immediately raise your Emotional Intelligence and create more Star Performers in your organization. People who possess high Emotional Intelligence succeed at work, (performing in the top 10%) build flourishing careers, cultivate long lasting relationships, and create a balanced work/home life.

This Field Guide offers extra information and support to help you use the Keys and get a jump-start on raising your Emotional Intelligence. Get ready to practice and perform these simple tools to turn your leadership and your teams from good to great!

Emotional Intelligence means exhibiting a good balance of personal and social competencies in the following four distinct areas of behavior and leadership:

  1. Self-Awareness—Understanding yourself
  2. Self-Management—Managing yourself
  3. Social Awareness—Understanding others
  4. Relationship Management—Managing others

Leadership Keys make it simple to help you understand and review how to raise your Emotional Intelligence. If you take the initiative and only do a few things differently you will separate yourself from the Average pack and propel yourself to Star status. Keep the Keys nearby, on your desk or in your briefcase. Use them regularly, one at a time or in combination, as a reference to inspire, inform and boost your daily performance. Make sure to review your keys for a few minutes prior to a meeting or leadership initiative and you’ll see how micro-initiatives create macro-impact.

No matter who you are, you or your direct reports will benefit from implementing these keys.

  1. Are you a leader, manager, supervisor or team leader? If so, distribute the Keys to everyone on your team so that all of you use the same tools and speak the same language.
  2. Are you a coach, trainer or consultant? Then give the Keys to the leaders and clients you work with to reinforce your coaching and keep your clients accountable and growing.
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