Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Leading with Emotional Intelligence


Hands-On Strategies for Building Confident and Collaborative Star Performers

Reldan S. Nadler, Psy.D., MCC
New York: McGraw-Hill, 2011 Release

Take your leadership skills and your organization’s team effectiveness to new, stellar levels. Discover the solutions to the problems facing leadership today.

Problems for businesses today:

  • The USA has lost 8.4 million jobs from 2007 to 2009.
  • 40% of the American workforce will be eligible to retire in 2010. Leaders will have to contend
    with a projected shortfall of 10 Million workers in the next few years.
  • The Baby Boomers are retiring leaving leadership positions for Generations X and Y. These
    new leaders have lower Emotional Intelligence scores due to their reliance on technology.
  • Developing “leadership bench strength” has been the number one priority for organizations
    over the past four years.


  • Leaders in the top 10% produce twice as much revenue for the organization as managers below the 90 percentile.
  • The key to being a star performer and consistently performing in the top 10% is Emotional Intelligence.
  • As a leader moves up the corporate
    ladder, 85% of their competencies for success lie in the Emotional
    Intelligence domain when compared to IQ and technical expertise.

Strategies for EI Leadership Development:

  • Books, training and coaching in Emotional Intelligence
  • Purchase Leading with Emotional Intelligence and develop top 10% leadership performance.

What’s Inside the Book

In this carefully crafted book for people who lead and who are focused on increasing the effectiveness of their leadership, Dr. Relly Nadler, a recognized leader in Emotional Intelligence Executive coaching, shares the proven tools, tips and checklists from 30 years of his experience working with 15,000 C-level, presidents, VPs and top executives from Fortune 500 companies like Dreamworks Animation, Vanguard Health Systems, Hughes Aerospace, MCI, BMW / Designworks USA, Comcast Intertainment, and many, many more.

By learning and implementing just a few of these leadership strategies and tools consistently you can become a Star Performer regularly performing in the top 10%. With these top 6 Emotional Intelligence (EI) competencies, your organization can achieve new heights:

  • Emotional Self-Control
  • Confidence,
  • Teamwork and Collaboration,
  • Skills for Developing Others in your team and organization,
  • Communication and
  • Empathy.

Dr. Nadler is recognized around the world for his expertise in linking experiential learning and Emotional Intelligence to business objectives. After Daniel Goleman sold 5 million copies of Emotional Intelligence, readers and leaders have been looking for hard-hitting ways to raise their Emotional Intelligence and the people they lead. Not finding a book to do so, Dr. Nadler packaged up his practices and research covering the 65 EI competencies bulleted above.

These simple initiatives take only minutes to implement yet are not done by average performers. Dr. Nadler shows you how to become a star and how to design a “star building” plan for others in your team.

The book includes:

  • Eight Emotional Intelligence Profiles: EI in action as displayed by leaders we know including Warren Buffet, Bill Clinton, eBay’s ex-CEO Meg Whitman, Seattle Seahawks and USC Coach Pete Carrol, ex-Pro Basketball player and businessman Magic Johnson and others.
  • Seven Self-Assessments: Are you an EI Star? Where are the derailers that may blind you?
  • Four Star Secrets Interviews: A famous car designer who speaks about confidence, a successful manager who shares about teamwork, a championship-winning college basketball coach talks about developing others, and an award-winning communications expert, all share their special secrets to success. The interviews identify 44 strategies they used to become stars often without knowing themselves how.
  • Coaches Corner: Dr. Nadler reveals 64 strategies he uses every day in his executive coaching with clients world-wide that propel them into top 10% performance.
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