Teamwork is an Unnatural Act: #1 Shared Vision

Team Ingredient #1

Shared Vision: What is natural is to have a blurry vision of where the organization is going. The vision is not communicated enough or shared throughout the organization. What is unnatural yet necessary is to create an inspiring vision for the future that is clean and informs all throughout the organization what the future holds and their role in it. It is shared because it is understood and repeated in numerous ways. Leaders usually do share the vision but usually not enough or in multiple methods.

Actions: Leaders have to be deliberate and have a plan on how to communicate the vision.

  • Leaders need to share the vision and tie it into the daily tasks every day in their conversations. Can they commit to tie it in four times a day? (Kotter, 1996)
  • People need to be clear about what needs to be done and why.
  • Leaders have to include what is in it for the employees, use the word “because.”
  • Leaders need to include others for comments, clarifications or additions. This way they get others “fingerprints” on it.
  • Leaders need to remember involvement = commitment.

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