The Pursuit of Happiness – What It’s Doing to Us

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Cathy Greenberg, Ph.D., Author, Speaker, Consultant and ICF Certified Coach has been named a world wide authority on leadership and human behavior by major business and financial news organizations. Dr. Greeberg teaches the science of happiness and how it impacts our emotional and social intelligence. She is known for achieving outstanding results for others.

Relly Nadler, Ph.D., licensed psychologist and Master Executive Coach, has been working for more than 30 years with top executives and their teams to become “star performers.” He is the founder of True North Leadership an Executive and Organizational development firm. Dr. Nadler’s work involves identifying applications for how teams and individuals can increase emotional intelligence.

Americans have been free to pursue happiness since the Declaration of Independence. However, there is no guarantee that you’ll achieve it. The secret is in knowing where to look and Drs. Greenberg and Nadler can lead you in that search.

Building on this great heritage they share exciting news on the state of the art “Science of Happiness.” New insights include:

  • The genetics of adventure and their long-term effects on daring, immigration, creativity and innovation.
  • How we can choose to joyfully respond to such factors as money or consumptive happiness.
  • How our need for “doing” vs “being” can decrease empathy while increasing pessimism.

We learn that:

  • Job satisfaction is a better predictor for how long someone lives than their eating habits, smoking habits, and exercise habits.
  • It’s better to spend money on experiences than things.
  • Don’t play the comparison game because someone always looses.
  • We know that memories, especially fond, positive memories, set the intention for positive feelings and can really have a booster effect on our morale and our way of being, our feelings, our life satisfaction and our health.

Learn more about your chances for more states of happiness with tools and tips from Dr. Greenberg’s new leading edge e-book “Top Secrets of the Best Companies To Work For” and take a deeper dive into my “Leadership Keys Field Guide.” Listen to the complete recording, without commercials, above.

Coach’s Corner

In the last blog I described the perfection loop that we can easily fall prey to without realizing this “failure set up” pattern. In this blog I will explain the loop more and how to bust it. This is another excerpt on one of the 108 strategies in my Leading with Emotional Intelligence: Strategies for Building Confident and Collaborative Star Performers book.

1. Perfection as an Expectation: The goals you set are very lofty and made without the benefit of critical thinking or truly examining their feasibility. “Perfection” rationalizes that you need to have stretch goals and to push yourself and set goals that are extreme, unrealistic, unattainable, and without the slightest margin of error. A thorough assessment of what it takes to reach them is not made, and you are doomed to complete the loop. Most of the time the effort, resources, and training you need to accomplish the goals are not taken into consideration. Learn more…

Join us next week for more on Emotional Intelligence.


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