A Modern Girl’s Guide to Life with Jane Buckingham

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As a self-made Life Coach for the Modern Girl, Jane Buckingham regularly appears as a guest on “Good Morning America,” “The View” and other news shows. She wrote her first book, “Teens Speak Out,” at the age of 17. She subsequently created The Cassandra Report, Trend Central and The Intelligence Group, all of which she sold to CAA before leaving to start Trendera.

Trendera has quickly established itself as one of the leading consulting, trend forecasting and generational insights companies. Clients include brands such as Gap, ABC, Facebook, Hearst Media, Time Warner and MTV.

Jane is also the author of  “The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sticky Situations,” out in 2010, where she gives welcome advice with warmth and humor for home or at work:

      • What can you do if you sent an email you should have “deleted”?
      • When should you share a big secret with someone new?
      • Should you date people you work with?
      • What do you do if you inadvertently blurt something out–how do you deal with it in the moment?


In launching Trendera, Jane recognized a need to create a team that would uncover insights for a 360-degree view of consumers and a creative environment which would allow the team to embrace the trends and lifestyles they report on. The diverse team Jane has built manages to embrace the present while forecasting the future. We discussed trends where it applied to Generation Y:

    • Are they savvy and practical?
    • Will we see a return to interpersonal dynamics with Generation Y?
    • And more…

Each month 95,000 people tune-in to tune-up their performance and learn more about Emotional Intelligence. Join us today as we talk with Jane Buckingham. Listen to the complete recording, without commercials, above.

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