America Copes Together

Dr. Cathy Greenberg:
Thanks, Relly, I’m very, very excited about this show. For the next several shows that we are going to be doing focused on what you would call Emotional Brilliance, tools for mastery, using our NAME process, N.A.M.E. I am excited because we are going to help not only our beloved America, come back to life, but also the nation that we touch every day in our lives through our work, through our love, through our communications. I’m very excited that we are going to be sharing our love for our nation through these shows on Emotional Brilliance.

Dr. Relly Nadler: Yes, Cathy, I’m really excited too. You know we touch about 43 different countries with our shows and over the 12-13 years since we have been doing this, we probably have close to 3.5 to 4 million downloads after all of those years. People can go back, like you know, anytime and look at the shows. We are really excited in this day and age with the pandemic and emotions are really high, to give them some information about how to deal with each other but also how to deal with their emotions.

Dr. Cathy Greenberg: To me, this is going to be a conversation for those of you who are listening to us, please, if you need to, take notes, rerun this as many times as you need to to get all of the, as Relly likes to say, the tools for mastery, under your belt. Please do that but remember that we are going to be releasing our new book on June 9th, and Emotional Brilliance will be available on Amazon. It will be $.99. I’ll say that again, it will be $.99 for the first 24 hours and between today and June 9th, you can go and sign up for a pre-sale price of $.99. We will be releasing more information to all of you. This is not about sales. As you know, we give it away on our shows for 13 years, as Relly just said, how many millions of downloads Relly?

Dr. Relly Nadler: I think it’s about 3.5 million, or close to that.

Dr. Cathy Greenberg: What we are trying to do is make sure all of you who are listening know that you are going to get this information in a small, about 150-page book. You can have it as an eBook and you can download it as a print-on-demand. We are going to try and get you as much of this information between now and June the 9th as we can to help you cope, bounce forward, and think about all of the wonderful things that you have to offer, that the world has to offer, even in this time of a pandemic.

We are going to talk to you about how you can embrace this for your better beyond building and how you can really create a whole new space for yourself. We are going to be here to help you do that.

For me, the most important part of our conversation and I can’t impress this enough, just for everybody who is listening, we are trying to hard to give you real tools that you can use right now in whatever condition you are in. If you are going to work still, if you are one of those wonderful healthcare workers that are getting us through this still, if you are a law enforcement professional, a fireman, an EMT, anybody who is out there taking care of us, protecting us and the many school teachers who are at home trying to keep their students engaged, this is for you. This is all about a regular citizen’s approach to life. I’m so excited.

What Relly said, I can’t echo enough. We are going to have a joint website. It will be called That’s for Emotional Brilliance. It should be out in, I’d say, the next week, so don’t get frustrated if you go to look for it now. You are going to have plenty of time to get the book and we are going to give you as much about the book, as many tools that are in the book that we can open the next, at least, four or five shows leading up to the release of the book.

We are just so happy to be here, as you can hear in my voice.

Dr. Relly Nadler: Let’s just say a little bit about where we got from emotional intelligence to emotional brilliance and then we really want to walk you through. In this show, we’ll probably do the first part of some of our tools, and then like Cathy said, we’ll continue.

Both Cathy and I are certified in a variety of assessments around emotional intelligence. A simple definition for people if you are listening to our show for the first time, is: what I know about myself—how do I manage myself, what do I know about others—how do I manage others. So it’s kind of that big array that a series of competencies.

Cathy and I have interviewed a lot of people in our book. It’s exciting regarding the people we have interviewed. What we are really looking at in this time of stress and anxiety, is what we have been calling your “go-to.” This is not a normal situation, as we know, and as you are moving forward with some of the anxiety of states and cities that are not going to be sheltered in, there is just that anxiety of all the “what-ifs.” What if someone is not taking this as seriously as I am? What about my job? What about my kids? What about going back to school?

All of these “what-ifs” raise anxiety. That’s why we are really focusing on our book around Emotional Brilliance about managing emotions and managing feelings. If emotional intelligence is the big array of competencies, when you have a challenge, when you are stressed, what is your go-to? Where do you go to get that inspiration, that courage? Maybe it’s a little prompt. Maybe it’s a little push to stay in some challenging situations.

We have a couple of visual metaphors that I think help. If emotional intelligence is the territory—maybe it’s like your neighborhood. Then emotional brilliance zooms in to your house. If emotional intelligence is this target with all different kinds of competencies and strengths, what’s the bulls-eye for that particular situation and where do you need to go?

One of the other ones is, if emotional intelligence is all the key outfits and clothes in your closet, what do you pull out for that special situation. Maybe it’s a presentation, maybe you can finally kick-back. Maybe it’s a date. What do you pull out that is most appropriate for that situation? That’s what we are calling your go-to. The whole goal is to help people expand more on what their go-to and emotional brilliance improvements, just to select the right tools.

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