America Copes Together II

Dr. Relly Nadler: Cathy and are talking about our new book, Emotional Brilliance: Living a Fear Less, Stress Less Life, which will come out on June 9, 2020. We are excited to give you some tips and tools about it in this show along with some of our other shows.

Cathy, welcome to the show.

Dr. Cathy Greenberg: Thanks Relly. You know, I’m so excited about this series that we are doing on America called America Copes Together. For those we know and love around the world for the nation, all nations, that have to cope together.

We are really doing this a little bit different for those of you that are used to listening to us. There will not be any commercials in this show. The reason is, we want to spend every moment with you, our listeners, sharing as many tips and tools as we can to help you be your best. Relly, I think for those who are listening, if we want to mention a little bit about some of the things that we have done that have led up to this book, we can dive right into where we left off in the last show on our target model.

Dr. Relly Nadler: Yes, so let me just say a little bit about what emotional brilliance is for folks who are maybe new to this. Emotional Brilliance is a take-off for more zeroing in from emotional intelligence. Cathy and I are certified in a lot of emotional intelligence assessments that we bring to organizations. Both Cathy and I are executive coaches. Both of us have doctorates, advanced training in fields, Cathy in human behavior, and myself in psychology. We have taken to the emotional intelligence of bringing those key competencies to the individuals, leaders, that we work with because it’s one of the key, critical factors of what makes a top performer.

In today’s time, with the pandemic and people being sheltered in, along with all of the “what ifs,” to be a top performer in the top 10%, you need these emotional intelligence skills. This is what is going to allow you to first be calm yourself, make really good decisions, and second, to really be able to lead your people, to motivate them to be able to be really clear about what is needed because of the high anxiety that we all have.

The concept of emotional brilliance is what competencies, strengths, values do you bring that allow you to be your best. If you think about a target; on the outside of the target are all the strengths that you have used depending on different situations. Then there is a second circle inside that which are probably your strengths that you lean on the most. You have a wide arrangement on the outside circle which you lean on, you use a lot, and then the “go-to,” which we are calling in our book Emotional Brilliance, the “go-to” depending on the situation, what do you pull out of your toolbox? What do you use that is the right thing in that right situation? It is like the secret sauce.

That’s what we will be focusing on in the book. It will give you a lot of information about competencies and about emotions and feelings, and we’ll talk about that today, but one of the takeaways for you the reader and today the listener, is what do you bring forth? What do I summon? Is it there? When you summon something, you are bringing it forth.

For some people, it is already there, and they have to make it more conscious. For other people, it is something they have to develop what the “go-to” is. It is not like it’s right there. It is not like I can pull it out. I need to develop this one. Maybe it is patience. Maybe it is courage. Maybe it is vulnerability. Maybe it is curiosity. Maybe it is empathy. Cathy, we talked about for you, adaptability. What do you pull out, summon, or what do you need to develop?

Dr. Cathy Greenberg: Relly, talking about our capability, where we came from, and what my “go-to” is, as we said, it is adaptability. I also think about the kinds of things that you and I have been sharing with our audience now for 13 years and 3 million downloads, and that is when you are at your best and when you are at your worst, what is it that you have that pulls you back from that moment. Even if you are in your best moment, that “go-to” can be overplayed as well.

Let’s break this down for everybody. The book is coming out on June the 9th. Think about as we are going through this, what are you when you are at your best, what are you when you are at your worst? There’s strength in there in that center circle that takes you from your emotional competencies that you know work for you to your “go-to,” which is the target.

You can listen to the entire interview, above.

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