Confidence – Star Secrets #4 with Henrik Fisker

This is the fourth in the sequence of learning some of the 10 Star Secrets in Confidence of Henrick Fisker. Here we will look at secret #10 and any pitfalls he identified for himself. Read our three previous Coach’s Corners to see Star Secrets 1-9.

#10 Be Willing to Make Decisions That Are Exceptions to the Rule

Fisker states that a leader needs to identify the consequences of a decision, decide if it is worth it, and then act on it. Many of his examples focus on paying less attention to time-consuming bureaucratic procedures. If he feels it is the right decision and that he can cope with the consequences, he goes ahead without all of  the red tape. Fisker counts on being successful and believes that not following procedures all of the time is minor compared to the potential successes of his decisions to take action.

Pitfalls: What Fisker Needs to Be Aware Of

We all have strengths we may overuse or need to dial down. Just being aware if your strength is still working well is important and knowing when and how to change your strategy, is a critical success skill. Henrik demonstrates good awareness of his strengths and when to be on the lookout if he is overusing his confidence.

  • For Fisker, there is the danger of overusing his self-confidence. Fisker admits he can overpower people with it and adds, “You have to use your confidence appropriately and be able to back off strategically where there is the least impact and let things go.” He is sensitive to not overruling people if at all possible.
  • It is important for Fisker to know his audience and encourage them to have their area of expertise. It is also important that he invite his team to openly ask questions.
  • Fisker needs to remember to pace his decisions and actions, never assuming that he is on the same mindset or wavelength as others. He admits that he “wants to keep people in sight” and not leave them behind.
  • If Fisker feels he is putting out a lot of fires, he knows he is losing touch with the organization. There needs to be an infrastructure through which he can quickly get information and slow down his speed if necessary. Feedback from the management team is crucial.


  • How would you rate your confidence, 1-10 where 10 is high?
  • When do you need to bolster yourself and use your confidence more?
  • Are there any situations where too much confidence is a blind spot for you?

Thank you for joining us to learn about Confidence – Star Secrets with Henrik Fisker. Stay tuned for the next Coach’s Corner.


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