Maximize Your EQ

Let 2013 be the year you and your team maximize
your EQ.


As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Paola Lake works with individuals to dissolve barriers that interfere with personal success and create positive change. Dr. Lake is a registered psychologist in Nanaimo, British Columbia, and enjoys helping people with a variety of conditions, including anxieties, interpersonal problems and fears. Included in her services to individuals, she works with those suffering from emotional burn-out or other emotionally distressed states that interfere with personal functioning and performance at work, often as a consequence of involvement with a demanding or toxic work environment. She has a special interest in helping people identify difficult or toxic work atmospheres and develop tools to manage and cope better in the workplace. Dr. Lake is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan where she obtained her Ph.D. in clinical psychology. The Dr. Lake Show, on CHLY, 101.7 fm, community radio for Nanaimo, is hosted by Dr. Lake and is aired weekly. She presents topics on a variety of mental health issues.

Listen about how to deal with emotional burn-out in your work environment, the complete interview with Dr. Paola Lake, without commercials, above.

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