Mental Conditioning: Dynamic Human Solutions

Have you ever dreamed of a positive, fearless life where you are in control of what matters?


With 24 years of intelligence and operations experience with the US Air Force and other US Agencies, USAFR, Mark J. Williams is a veteran of Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield and has more than 200 combat hours in the F-15C and was advisor to the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security.

Mark has spent over two decades focusing on brain and body dynamics. As the CEO of  Dynamic Human Solutions, he has created an innovate training program combining mindfulness skills with situational awareness, resilience, and peak performance based on his long-time passion of mastering mental fitness, the key to survival and long term success of any working warrior.

Mark discusses the OODA Loop:

  • Observe,
  • Orient,
  • Decide,
  • Act.

Learn about your basic operating system so that you can have more capacity for success. You can reach Mark at

Join us as we discuss Dynamic Human Solutions with Mark J. Williams. Each month 35,000 people tune-in to tune-up their performance and learn about Emotional Intelligence. Listen to the complete discussion without commercials, above.

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