Teamwork is an Unnatural Act: #5 Personal Leadership

Team Ingredients #5

Personal Leadership: What is natural is to stay in your comfort zone and only take risks that you are assured of success. What is unnatural yet necessary is to take risks that are consistent with your values and become a change leader stretching and encouraging others in spite of your own doubts and fears.

Actions: The team is the playing field for the leader to try out their Emotional Intelligence skills and get feedback on their performance.

  • Leaders are good at self-management and understand they are the “emotional thermostat” for their team, as their emotions are the most contagious to the team. They maintain their IQ points by knowing and managing their triggers.
  • Leaders need to have a developed point of view of their leadership style and know the destination of where they want people to go.
  • Leaders need to be aware of the different styles and preferences of their team and vary their style to meet and challenge the individual.
  • Leaders can be role models for development by sharing with their team what their current areas of focus for development are and ask for support and feedback from the team.
  • The leader wears many hats on the team and has to know which hat to wear when. Key roles are as an initiator, coach, model, facilitator and negotiator.
  • Leaders are the glue in the team, reading individuals and the group’s emotional states and being able to help regulate it by attention, humor or empathy.


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