Former Frontline Civil Servant: How EI Fits His Global Efforts

Dr. Relly Nadler: Today, we’re talking with a former frontline civil servant who is going to talk about how emotional intelligence fits into his global efforts. We will give his full intro in a minute, Robert Brzenchek, and we will get you his bio. I think it will be a very engaging conversation, especially dealing with […]

Indispensable Leadership Lessons from the Podium of an Ochestra

Dr. Relly Nadler: Welcome to Leadership Development News, Profiles and Practices of Top Performers. I’m Dr. Relly Nadler and we have Dr. Cathy Greenberg, my esteemed co-host is here. Between Cathy and I, we have helped thousands of leaders perform in the top 10%. Cathy, welcome to the show. Dr. Cathy Greenberg: Thank you, Relly. […]