Teaching Businesses How to Mentor Talent


Rene D. Petrin discovered, after spending years in human resources, that companies weren’t adequately developing their number-one asset: employees. He was then on a mission, armed with entrepreneurial spirit and keen insight into human behavior, to create an organization devoted solely to teaching businesses how to mentor talent.

Rene’s philosophy is to show companies how structured mentoring programs are the most powerful and effective strategy for professional development.

He has always maintained a special interest in employee development, and along with that has years of experience managing all areas of human resources.

Join us today as we talk with Rene as a leader in the mentoring field, to learn how he developed mentoring tools such as online tools tutorials, that are unique in emphasizing the interpersonal dynamics of mentoring while at the same time working toward creating standards of excellence so that the mentoring profession maintains its integrity and promise.

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