Judgment on the Front Line

Judgment on the Front line

Dr. Noel M. Tichy’s most recent book: Judgment on the Front Line: How Smart Companies Win by Trusting Their People, with Chris DeRose, is the focus of our interview on Leadership Development News this week. He is also the author of numerous other books and articles.

Dr. Tichy is a Professor of Management & Organizations at the University of Michigan. For over a decade, he ran the Global Leadership Program, a 36-company consortium of Japanese, European and North American companies to develop senior executives and conduct action research on globalization in Brazil, China, Russia, and India, and has also been a director of the Global Business Partnership.

Tichy has long been regarded as a staple of management literacy and has been one of the “Top 10 Management Gurus” by BusinessWeek and Business 2.0. Noel Tichy is a senior partner in Action Learning Associates. His consulting clients have included: GE, Best Buy, Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Nokia, GM, 3M, and Royal Dutch Shell.

Join us today as we talk about teachable point of views, what the values of your organization are, emotional energy, and how you change the brain with attention and focus.

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