Teamwork is an Unnatural Act: #3 Established Expectations & Guidelines

Team Ingredients #3

Established expectations and guidelines – What is natural is to assume that co-workers are on the same page and that they understand the desired results. What is unnatural yet necessary is to be very deliberate in clarifying reciprocal expectations and establishing guidelines for how to work together effectively.

Actions: To be a team the individuals need to co-create expectations for themselves and feel their input was heard and valued.

    • Leaders and their team need to decide on how they are going to make decisions, ie.e. majority, minority, a “tell” or content expert, unanimous consensus.
    • Expectations need to be clarified, leader to the team, team to the leader, and teams to each other.

Meeting and team guidelines are established that flow out of the expectations, such as “one conversation at a time”, “stay focused”, and “defer judgment.”

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