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Organizational and team leadership assessments is an in-depth look at your organization or team via individual interviews. You help create the questions we ask in a confidential interview. We then survey your participants regarding critical organizational and leadership issues. A summary report delineates strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations. The organizational assessment helps by:

  • Getting a clear representation of existing strengths and development areas
  • Developing trust and buy-in for the program from participants
  • Establishing an accurate current reality to customize the training and measure its success
  • Creating real-life scenarios to explore in trainings

To learn more about our assessments, complete the form below. You’ll get a report on the ROI of building emotional intelligence, and a member of our staff will call to answer your questions and set an appointment with Relly to help you determine which assessment is right for your organization.


Leadership Assessments

EQi-2 with (R) mark leadership assessmentsEQ360 leadership assessments



Emotional Quotient Inventory:

The EQ-i 2.0 is an online self-assessment around the competencies of Emotional Intelligence. A twenty-page report gives you feedback based on a comparison group and where your Emotional Quotient lies on eighteen factors. Tips and strategies for actions are included.

The 360 assessment includes feedback from your team and your manager to provide a full view of your leadership skills.

For HR Development Executives and Trainers, we are among the few who are certified to “train the trainers.” Be certain to complete the form above so we can notify you of upcoming trainings. Click here for certification dates.


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI):

The MBTI is the most used preference survey of its type. Participants take it online and receive an eighteen-page report delineating their preferences and how to improve communication, decision-making and managing change and conflict. It is used in Dr. Nadler’s coaching and leadership programs for understanding oneself and managing relationships better.

Emotional Competence Inventory (ECI):

The ECI is a 360-degree online feedback survey. The ECI was created by Daniel Goleman and Richard Boyatzis – the principal leaders in the field of Emotional Intelligence. We are certified in the use of the ECI by the Hay Group, who are also the administrators.

Participants get a 22-page report depicting where they are (average or star) on 18 Emotional Intelligence Competencies. Ten to twelve raters are included such as the participant’s manager, peers, direct reports, client/customers and others. The ECI is then used extensively in Dr. Nadler’s coaching and leadership programs.

Organizational Climate Survey (OCS):

This is an online survey where only direct reports give feedback to their leader about the team climate. The leader gets feedback about the climate factors, which they greatly influence, such as clarity, standards, responsibility, flexibility, rewards and team commitment. Team meetings are conducted to create actions to enhance the climate.

Inventory of Leadership Styles (ILS):

Is an online survey which direct reports give feedback to their leader about their leadership style. Good leaders know they need to use different leadership styles at different times to be successful. The ILS will give them feedback on six leadership styles their team sees them using and their frequency. Subsequent meetings with Relly or his team helps develop strategies to maximize the use and overall balance in leadership styles.

Coaching Report for Leaders:

Is an online self-assessment used to better understand your preferences, attitudes, and behaviors in key dimensions of management and leadership. Strengths and development opportunities are listed for eighteen competencies in Self-management, Organizational Capabilities, Teambuilding and Teamwork, Problem-Solving and Sustaining the Vision. Action steps are listed in the seventeen-page report.

Learn more about all of our assessments by completing the form below. You’ll get a report on ROI and a member of our staff will call you to answer questions you may have.

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