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Dr. Relly NadlerLeadership development is a process that requires tools, resources and guidance to grow talent and create a consistent path of growth in a company. For the individual, it’s a more personal journey of coming to understand your own strengths, to know what and how circumstances can derail you from your top performance, to understand others, their motivations, strengths, derailers and then to have the skills and tools to manage yourself and others.

Our free membership site, eiCentral, is a great place to get started. Each tool given to members connects to more free tools and builds on your ability to be a star performer as a leader. Those same tools also help build your talent and get that same star performance from your team. Join now by completing the form below or in the right hand panel.

Also check out our store pages which offer a library of tools from digital to physical, group to personal. Take some time to get to know our approach to help people find the best in themselves and to bring out the best in others. It’s all about Emotional Intelligence or ei. That’s why our products often have “ei” in front.

Enjoy the journey!

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