Manifestation Tools for Empowerment and Transformation

Dr. Relly Nadler:
 This week we have Marcy Neumann, a registered nurse, spiritual minister, certified hypnotist, a Reiki Master level teacher, and a dynamic speaker and author. Marcy is the creator of CELLpH (Self) LOVE. It’s a unique and cutting-edge, self-help and wellness program. In addition, in 2007 Marcy created her company which is Heartlites, Inc., which manufactures her award-winning spiritual, personal, development products, programs and educational materials based on the “Law of Attraction” principles. Many of you, I’m sure, have heard about that. We will have some more inside information about the Law of Attraction and these products that Marcy has that are manifestation tools for empowerment and transformation.

She has utilized these principles when she began her own business without any previous product development experience or business education. Marcy was able to bring six new products to market in just five short months. We’ll find out how she did that and she now teaches these principles to others in private and corporate sectors for creating personal and professional success.

She has been a liaison between the physical and metaphysical worlds for over thirty years and incorporates both worlds in every aspect of her work. She has been instrumental in creating Reiki program for Hospice, the Northshore Hospital System, as well as numerous other facilities and organizations countrywide that now integrate this energy, healing principles and programs in their manifestation and mainstream facilities.

Her private practice embodies two of her powerful programs which we will hear more about,  CELLpH LOVE and Resistance Identification. These identify one’s resistance of their own wellbeing which is being recognized globally as a key to personal sustainability.

These programs are the foundation for Marcy’s CELLpH LOVE collective consciousness that empowers people around the world to live lives that are more fulfilling and in complete alignment with their spirit. These are all great things that I think will help us all move forward.

Dr. Cathy Greenberg: Marcy and I met quite some time ago through some networks that we had both participated in and I just thought this whole “Law of Attraction” and the principles behind it were incredibly intriguing and I think that Marcy’s message can have a great impact, a profound impact on the authenticity of leaders, what they attract to themselves and their companies and how we can all learn more about how to utilize these practices and just about consciousness in general.

Marcy, I want to get into the meat of our subject today, but before we do, I want to know who has been some of the biggest leadership and personal growth influencers in your life?

Marcy Neumann: Well, wow, first of all, thank you so much for such lovely introductions from both of you and for the opportunity, also, just to share my message.

In answer to your question, I would have to say that I’ve been greatly influenced both from an intimate place as well as a more global place. It’s really difficult to determine who has influenced the most, but I think that as is the truth with all of us, we are influenced by people, different people in our lives at different times.

I think growing up I would have to say, of course, probably my parents and my friends. But, as I grew older I think it’s really been more about people who have just embraced their authenticity and have come forward with their own unique message and were able to put aside the naysayers that surrounded them and just stake a claim to what they want in life. In many cases it was someone just like myself, someone who I met someplace on my path and I would just sit in awe as they told me their personal story. I really found to be greatly inspired, I would say, on a regular basis by everyday people.

I think that we all have this tremendous drive and courage within us and I think particularly from my perspective because for a very long time I was in the medical field working with patients that were facing real life, threatening challenges. I probably learned more from them than anyone.

Dr. Relly Nadler: That’s always good to hear about who were some of your influences and how this came about. In your work, you talk about kind of a new paradigm of thought. Can you explain that and as we go through this we will get into some more of the specifics about the “Law of Attraction.” Tell us a little bit about that; what do you mean by that?

Marcy Neumann: This new paradigm of thought that I’m inferring is one where she is sort of coming to the forefront based upon all of the chaos that we see on a physical level in terms institutions that we’ve all grown to rely on for our livelihood and for helping us to stay or to feel anyway that we are safe and protected.

I think that what is happening is that we are actually seeing that these institutions are somewhat breaking apart and the reason for that is that they are no longer serving us in the way that they once did.

I think that it is happening because as a people we are just looking for a greater and purer expression of who we are and having said that, sort of that next tier, is that the institutions that support those new thoughts have to take new form in order to be the supported measures that we need. That’s what I think is happening.

I think this new paradigm of thought is really about letting what it is that we truly want to experience in our lifetimes to come forward and to be the creative force that is mimicked then in these institutions that are meant to support those processes.

Dr. Cathy Greenberg: Marcy, when you are talking about this, we have a set of language that we use in our work as coaches and in our work as conscious raising individuals as most of our business-minded folks may not be getting during the call, and I just want to be sensitive to that. When we talk about this law of attraction and we talk about what is normal and what is not normal and we talk about what is chaos and what are institutions breaking apart. I want to be clear with our audience that what we are talking about is a unique form of energy that we are using in our daily work and sometimes when that energy is misaligned it causes breakdowns.

Marcy, as we go through this conversation I am very excited to learn more. We use the word normal and I’m not sure if everybody uses the same sense of normal, but when we talk about normal what do you think of versus what you think is coming?

Marcy Neumann: What do I think in terms of normalcy, if it will ever be normal again according to most people’s standards?

Dr. Cathy Greenberg: Yes.

Marcy Neumann: I think not. I think that as we are looking about we see that we have a medical and health system that is deep in the trenches in terms of needing to reformat. I think we have a financial system that is doing exactly the same. I think that if we look at really any aspect of life that we have relied upon, even, let’s face it, organized religion is another.

So these pillars that we have had in our lives in terms of our belief system that says, oh, if we do this, this and this, that is the result that we are going to get, frankly, just no longer holds true.

They no longer hold true so what it means is that every aspect of that needs to change. Our own personal belief systems need to change in accordance, now, with this new paradigm of thought. What that requires is that we very quickly get into alignment with and close that gap between what we have, where we are now, and where we want it to be.

Dr. Relly Nadler: Can you back us up a little bit because we talked about the new paradigm of thought. What is the law of attraction and then what has been attractive to you about that and we can then start talking about how you are using it in your work today?

Marcy Neumann: Thank you. First of all, the law of attraction is really a science. That’s something that is really important that we understand. It’s based on the science of how energy works. What it is, is another step forward, you know that next step forward for mankind? It’s really the implementation of scientific research that has been expressed in a number of different ways, but this law of attraction that has become so popular in the last couple of years is based on two very simple principles.

  1. Like energy always attracts like energy.
  2. Whatever you place your focus on is going to expand.

We can talk about how that manifests and many different things in a moment, but what I think that is also important to note is that there considered universal principles, which means that they hold true under every circumstance.

It’s like something always having your back. Once you understand how it works, you understand exactly how your actions are going to cause a reaction. Then you can plan accordingly. It’s kind of like the universal principle of gravity. You know very well that if you jump off of a 15-story building you will fall unless of course, you have wings, or a jetpack, or something, but the law of gravity tells us that.

We have been able to plan out lives accordingly. This is exactly the same thing which makes it very powerful.

Dr. Relly Nadler: Let me just reiterate that. Like energy attracts like energy.

Marcy Neumann: So like energy attracts like energy.

Dr. Relly Nadler: The other principle you mentioned is what we focus on, what we focus or energy on, expands. We’ve had a lot of neuroscience folks on our shows and I think that’s very much in line with the Law of Attraction, they talk about how do you change the brain and it’s a matter of attention and focus. I think that is very much in line with what you were saying with the Law of Attraction, is what do you attend to and what do you focus on.

Marcy Neumann: Exactly right. As I started to say earlier, this is scientifically based. So the purpose of science is to constantly give us new tools for us to put into use and integrate into our everyday lives so that we can live better lives. That’s what the law of attraction is all about.

Instead of needing a degree in rocket science, we can, each and every one of us, implement these principles and actually become proactive in creating the lives that we want to experience because it holds true across the board. So whether you are talking about a love relationships or big business, it’s all the same. That is the beauty of it.

Dr. Relly Nadler: What would that look like, let’s say, in a daily practice? I know if we are saying for the role of a leader—we have a lot of people who are in organizations that are either managers or leaders—if we are talking about that sense of what they are focusing on, expands, what would that look like as a daily practice? What would people be doing?

Marcy Neumann: Well, the first thing that comes to mind, of course, is that for any leader to be effective they have to be able to communicate in such a way so that all of the people that they are communicating to are sharing a vision. That’s really what propels us forward when we are working in teams and that’s what we do when we are in business, we work as teams.

In order to create this unified vision, what has to happen is that we have to, first of all, get everyone on board, don’t we? What we have to do is find that commonality, that common thread that is going to allow us to create as close as possible, to a shared vision.

What gets complicated in this process, very often, is that our visions are somewhat jaded by our own past experiences. If you have someone on the team who you are trying to get up onto the same level so that you have this shared vision and there’s an aspect of it, for instance, that they have considered themselves or have seen themselves as failing at time, after time, after time, the vision that they have of that aspect is going to be quite different than the vision that you would want them to have.

What we have to do then instead, is we have to create this new vision and it has to be based on, like I said, this commonality, because what we know is like energy will always attract like energy.

As you know, in corporate work especially, this vision that has to be created is always based upon emotion. There is always an emotional connection. What we have to do is strengthen the emotional connection that is going to create that vision.

This is how it’s done. It’s done by putting your focus only on what you want to expand. Where somebody else might be reaming that person out because they are not up to par, the reason that they are not up to par is based upon, like I said, past experiences where there has been an energy created that they can’t get out of their own way.

What you need to do instead is to only place your focus on what it is that you want to create. You set the parameters and that’s where you stay focused. If that person needs to be coming forward with a more refined appearance of those particular characteristics you put your focus on supporting that process rather than on what someone might consider the negative part of something that they are not doing.

You stay focused on only what you want to see occur. What happens is that as you are encompassing this emotionally charged connection based on feeling good, you are going to get everybody on board because what you are doing is you are diverting your gaze from anything that is or might have what people consider a negative association to it and staying only where the emotional charge is positive.

What we know about energy, and what we know about thoughts for instance, is that there is no such thing as a random thought. It always come from an emotion. Emotions come from our past experiences. We can’t change those, but we can change the effect they have on us.

Again, staying only on being focused on what we want to create is the roadmap to that success. People want to feel good about what they are doing and then like energy will attract more like energy. They will keep producing more of what feels good to them. If you have it directed in the area of creating this new shared vision, your vision is going to expand and expand and expand, and it will be quite successful.

Listen to the entire interview, above.


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