“If you’re looking for the plays and strategies to raise Emotional Intelligence, this is the handbook.”

Jack Canfield, Co-creator, Chicken Soup for the Soul,
Co-author, The Success Principle ™

“Relly’s book is the perfect field guide for leaders who hope to improve their Emotional Intelligence and, in the process, increase employee engagement, performance and retention. It is user-friendly and filled with practical tips and tools. It’s like having a coach in your pocket!”
Sharon Jordan-Evans, co-author of Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em:
Getting Good People to Stay

“I read Leading with Emotional Intelligence and I was quite impressed. You did a great job presenting the material in a straightforward, credible way; more important, your process for building the EI competencies is both very practical and sensible. Nice job.”
Bill Tredwell, Vice President, Hay Group, Inc.

“Relly Nadler, one of the world’s foremost executive coaches, provides the reader with detailed and easy-to-use practices to make you and your leaders superstars. One of the most valuable leadership books available!”
Jeffrey E. Auerbach, Ph.D., President, College of Executive Coaching,
Author of Personal and Executive Coaching

“Measuring quantifiable results is mandatory in our business. Our company has realized an ROI that exceeded our expectations because of the training and coaching from Relly Nadler and captured in Leading with Emotional Intelligence. We have improved our ability to promote from within, have improved employee retention, and our leaders have integrated many of the tools explained in Relly’s book into their management technique.”
Jim Snell, President, Shield Healthcare Inc., Valencia CA
“Dr. Relly Nadler is continually on the cutting edge when it comes to Leadership Development. His innovative ideas and tools in Leading with Emotional Intelligence are the reason our localized Leadership Development efforts have been so successful year after year.”
Lynda Hollens, Director of Employee Development,
Wholesale Operations, Anheuser-Busch, Inc.

“One of the most practical and useful books on the topic that I’ve seen. The user-friendly layout makes it easy to find useful tips and ideas. The book is full of vivid examples that bring the issues to life.”
David B. Peterson, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Personnel Decisions International, Author of Leader as Coach and Development FIRST

“The EI Star Profile and Derailer Detector in Leading with Emotional Intelligence have provided great insights for my clients. These tools give leaders an opportunity to improve their understanding of Emotional Intelligence competencies and gain insight into their own Emotional Intelligence strengths and weaknesses.”
Guy Summers, President, Farrell Group, LLC
“Nadler’s Leading with Emotional Intelligence is a great way for both leaders and coaches to learn and grow.   EI is powerful.  It is an essential element for both business and coaching and when integrated with wellness, is a strong formula for success. Read this book, apply it and the positive effects for you and your firm will be the reward.”   
Cathy L. Greenberg, PhD
Co-Author of What Happy Companies Know
Managing Partner, h2c, LLC , Happy Companies, Healthy People

“Dr. Reldan Nadler has provided a useful tool for women seeking to advance their careers and themselves. Few women are lucky enough to have a personal coach, but the content of this book is going to be very helpful, particularly the worksheets, inventories, and templates. Leading with Emotional Intelligence can only encourage women to have confidence in these skills and motivate women to stretch themselves in new directions—including reaching for top executive leadership positions.”
Lois Phillips, Ph.D ., Co-author of Women Seen and Heard:
Lessons Learned from Successful Speakers

“Relly Nadler’s Leading with Emotional Intelligence provides the kind of real-world guidance that is so often missing from leadership books. The tools and techniques are immediately applicable, and it has become the primary text I use for my training and coaching work.”  
Nick Rothenberg, OD Consultant and Owner, 2Be, LLC
“I was able to apply how the stages of a team’s development can be used for building trust and cohesion even in the midst of conflict.  The strategies for developing others outlined in the book are full of practical take-aways and valuable for any leader’s coaching toolbox.”
Steve Romano, Director of Organizational Development and Training,
The Kleinfelder Group

“All coaches know that a practical, hands-on guide to how you actually improve EI is critical to building this competency. This is the ‘field guide’ we needed.”  
Diane Foster, Certified Master Coach and M.A. Career Development, Principal, Diane Foster & Associates
Leading with Emotional Intelligence and the Leadership Keys are not for ‘short-ball-hitter’ leaders. They are practical and insightful tools for leaders who know that blind spots and things that go bump in the night are what cause failure. These tools bring insight and therefore awareness that can support overall success.”
T.H. Stevenson, President/CEO, Cleveland Consulting Group, Inc.
“Relly Nadler’s Leading with Emotional Intelligence represents a very rich starter toolkit for new coaches and a great reference for the experienced coach. I was impressed by the strategies’ simplicity and how quickly I was able to integrate them into my coaching practice.”
Brigadier-General (Retired) Charles Lemieux, OMM, MSC, CHRP,
MPEC, President, CNSL Consultants, Inc.

“Relly Nadler, in Leading with Emotional Leadership, shares 100+ strategies for leaders to turn ‘just-another-player’ employees into Star Performers. With the Leading with Emotional Intelligence, you’re never at a loss for ideas. Pick up the Playbook, open to any page, and you will find a key lesson in leadership.”
Sylva K. Leduc , M.Ed., MPEC, Leadership Specialist

“Emotional intelligence behaviours can be learned, and Leading with Emotional Intelligence combines practical techniques for improvement with real life experiences of leaders in business and politics. This is an essential resource for everyone interested in how leaders can improve their relationships with others, and ultimately achieve greater business results.
Anna Hinder
Searl Street Consulting, Australia



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