Secrets of Success for Entrepreneurs

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Phil Jones is known as “The Connector” because he is one of the country’s best Professional Powerbrokers of deals, money and relationships. He leverages his vast field of influence and extensive contact base to bring a range of serious players together to get exceptional deals completed and outcomes banked for his clients that few others are able to achieve.

Phil is a sought after public speaker who has taught over 100,000 people, is considered a master of teaching business, marketing and real estate wealth accumulation and retention strategies.

We talked with him about what he thinks are the secrets of success for entrepreneurs.

  • Having a really clear direction.
  • Harnessing technology to speed the direction that you are going.
  • Empowering your people. At the end of the day your business is as good or as bad as the people that work within it.
  • If you can get them on board, get them passionate, their productivity will increase; the way they interact with the customers will increase, therefore your business’ bottom line profits will increase.
  • You have to own a niche market.
  • You have to have an uncommon passion for success.

There are common mistakes that entrepreneurs make. The number one common mistake in business is people throwing money away to advertising but they have no idea whether it works or not. They spend 10’s of thousands and often 100’s of thousands or millions of dollars on advertising campaigns and there is no measurement as to whether there is any flow through to the bottom line or any increase in sales.

Many companies have bought into the thought that whatever happens in the economy happens in their business. If you go back to the Great Depression of the 1930’s, some of the biggest and most successful businesses that exist today were actually started in those tough economic conditions.

Bottom line is you determine your own outcome in life. If people say: it won’t work, it won’t work, it won’t work — their brain is never going to prove them wrong because their brain will be looking for opportunities to prove to them that it won’t work.

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