ei Competency Adaptability

I was coaching an executive today and we were focusing on the ei
Competency Adaptability.
Some of the behavioral actions that top
performers in Adaptability do consistently are having tolerance for
ambiguity and changing your strategies when necessary.
As a best practice we talked about:

  1. Managing your expectations – if internal expectations and
    external reality differ a potential hijack could be waiting.
  2. Being prepared for changes so you don’t react or freeze – this
    allows you to move into action versus losing valuable time in
    reaction and “I can’t believe this.”
  3. Keeping your vision of your goal – this allows you to keep
    your perspective and your True North direction.
Action: As you think about your team and the holidays coming
up with your family; what are your realistic expectations, what
goals do you have for them and have you clearly communicated
or acted on them?

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