Harvesting Your Happiness, with filmmaker Lisa Cypers Kamen

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Lisa Cypers Kamen of the Harvesting Happiness Company, is internationally recognized as an acclaimed documentary filmmaker, positive psychology life coach, devoted philanthropist, author, radio and television talk show host, renowned happiness expert, public speaker and mother of two.

As an expert in her field, Ms. Kamen educates both private and public audiences on building and rebuilding foundations for happiness in the face of personal trauma, maintaining new-found happiness in various environments and expanding personal development.

Lisa has also regularly contributed to publications and blogs such as Military Spouse Magazine, Positively Positive, Inspire Me Today, Huffington Post, and Rizzarr.

Harvesting Happiness is a highly acclaimed company and a rising player in the well-being industry. Featured by Yahoo News, Google News, AOL News and Market Watch, the company’s unique philosophy, approach, results and testimonials have led to key relationships with companies and organizations such as the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, Glendale Community College, University of Southern California, Motherhood, Inc., and Equinox Fitness Clubs.

During our discussion we asked Lisa about happiness and why it is so important.

  • Happiness, contentment, well-being, flourishing–is a matter of choice. That choice can be made on a daily basis.
  • When we get up every morning we should decide how we are going to show up today in the world with myself and others, not predicated on yesterday.
  • Happiness is a serious pursuit.
  • Any problem can be seen as Armageddon or it can be seen as an opportunity to solve a puzzle and grow.
  • Having less or doing less does not automatically dictate being less.
  • Happiness makes you more successful, healthier, participate more, show up with wonder, contribute more, and show up with adventure.
  • When people are happy their happiness spreads virally.

Each month 95,000 people tune-in to tune-up their performance and learn more about Emotional Intelligence. Join us today as we talk with Lisa Cypers Kamen about Harvesting Your Happiness! Listen to the complete recording above.


Coach’s Corner

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