Fearless Leaders: Sharpen Your Focus – The New Science of Mindfulness

Dr. Relly Nadler: This week we are going to be talking with Cathy, my co-host, about her book, Fearless Leaders: Sharpen Your Focus. You’ve heard Cathy and I talk about emotional intelligence, we’ve talked about fearless leaders, and we have talked about positive psychology. Cathy has brought all of that together in her newest book. On […]

Fearless Leaders: Sharpen Your Focus

Today on Leadership Development News we are having a special interview. I am getting the chance to interview Dr. Cathy Greenberg, my esteemed co-host,  about her brand new book with co-author TC North, called Fearless Leaders, Sharpen Your Focus: How the New Science of Mindfulness can Help you Reclaim Your Confidence, which is about to be released. […]

Fearless Leaders: Sharpen Your Focus

Dr. Cathy Greenberg is a 25 year veteran of the consulting and coaching industry. Cathy began her career as a physical anthropologist with a degree in behavioral sciences studying monkeys and apes for over a decade focusing on the evolution of the brain and behavior. Cathy has been instrumental in developing human performance and organizational […]

Fearless Leaders: Principles for Being Truly Fearless in Life

My two Fearless Leader colleagues spoke about their new upcoming book in this interview on Leadership Development News. You can subscribe to the show on iTunes Podcasts. Speaker and high-performance executive coach, Dr. T.C. North, accelerates and motivates organizations and individuals to become high performers to attain their dreams and visions. My co-host, who is […]