Decision Making and Teamwork using the MBTI

Problem: I was working with a team on their decision making and teamwork
using the MBTI. It came up how the leader was very emergent or spontaneous and
scheduled at the same time. When he would have an idea or action he’d immediately
get up and tell his respective team members. Often for them though, this was
an interruption and they said they got more done when he was out of the office.

Solution: I had the team express how this was for them without
any blame, brainstormed solutions, and came up with:

  • The leader would write down his ideas so he didn’t forget them.
  • They would schedule short huddles at prescribed times to download.
  • Other team members would schedule time with him to hear his
    news so they took more control of the interruptions.

A micro initiative that can have a macro impact!

Action: How are you managing your interruptions?

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